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Anam Cara means 'soul friend'. The most important relationship we have in our lives,

is with ourselves.

Why meditate?

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Focuses your mind & promotes deep sleep

  • Helps to reduce physical pain & boost your immune system

  • Identifies & balances emotions

  • Lowers blood pressure & increases blood flow to your brain

  • Creates a deeper understanding & awareness of other people

  • Encourages relaxation & feelings of peace

  • Increases concentration


Behind the way you look, walk, talk, is your spirit, your soul, the real 'you': it's there layered under years of relationships, social norms, upbringing, life events, that have built on top of each other & pulled you away from who you truly are. These classes will help guide you to the best version of yourself. Classes take place in our cozy treatment room. We also work with schools, companies & organisations in external premises.


Class Timetable: Mon 9.30am - 10.30am / Wed 7pm - 8pm, 8.15pm - 9.15pm

£24 - 4 week block / £43 - 8 week block (holiday weeks available to roll over with blocks)


We offer a variety of holistic therapies, which means your treatment is completely bespoke to your individual needs. It also allows us to work with whats going on with you physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

We have qualified, and continue to train, in areas that are meaningful to us. It is

important to us that what offer you, we offer exceptionally and with a true passion.

Our business was recently awarded a Top Three Rated listing based on client reviews

and ratings. Holistic therapies include - 

  • Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage for all 

  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage (Specialist qualification held)

  • Reiki

  • Reiki Rituals

  • Crystals, Reiki and Meditation Sessions 

  • Bespoke one to one sessions offering combined therapies 

You can find out more about each treatment and pricing below. Treatments primarily take place in our treatment room, however please do contact us if you require a mobile home appointment and we will do our best to accommodate. We also work with schools, companies & organisations in external premises.

We run regular workshops from our treatment room to allow you to explore areas of interest and in some instances develop your skills amongst like-minded women. Our upcoming workshops are - 

Get Comfy With Crystals on !0th Oct, 19:00 - 21:00 - £25 per person

A really popular workshop allowing you to be Crystal confident. Are you interested

in understanding more about crystals? Maybe you think they're pretty & want to

learn about harnessing their energy and what this could mean to you in your every

day life. Maybe you already use crystals & want to ask some questions...

Now is your chance...
- Relaxation meditation connecting into the energy of your crystal of choice
- Crystal care for safe & best practise
- Choosing crystals intuitively & for specific use
- Crystals to help keep your vibration high & crystals for protection
- Crystals for you, your home, your work space & family
- Building an intuitive crystal grid
- A wee take home crystal to keep

Life Vibes on 12th Oct, 13:30 - 15:30 - £30 per person

We can all give too much, we can all drain. It's about knowing your energy, projecting it in the right way, & protecting it in the right way, so you don't end up completely depleated.

Energy. Everyone is susceptible to it. You walk into a room after there's been

argument, you can feel it. That's energy. You have an identical conversation with 2

separate people but walk away from each feeling entirely different. That's energy.

In this 2 hour workshop, we will cover:

- Personal energy, energy in your work space & home
- How to understand your energy & therefore your limits, project it in the right way,

so you're aware of where boundaries lie & protecting your energy in the right ways

so you don't drain your full tank

- How your chakras (energy centers) relate to your physical, emotional & mental

- A balancing & grounding meditation to leave you feeling centred, refreshed, rejuvinated & calm

You'll get a wee take home cleansing / protecting crystal too.

Tea & a healthy snack provided & lots of time to chat / ask questions.




A weekend absorbing Mother Natures gifts, where the focus is on tapping into the wonderful things that already exist inside us, helping us to remember what we really, truly need to live our best lives. We hold our retreats in the Scottish Highlands, sharing a space that is hugely unique and meaningful to us, because we know it will

become that way to you too.

Our retreat offers you time and space, as well as -

  • One to one holistic treatments to help you restore & replenish physically,

      emotionally & mentally.

  • Meditations to calm, balance and connect

  • Our unique Workshops

  • Our Signature Joint Therapy

Sharing space, food and experiences, you will be surrounded by supportive and like

minded women.

As numbers will be small there's plenty of time to spend as a group, individually with us & also for yourself to explore the magic of our settings whilst taking time out, just for you. Our November retreat is fully booked; however, we will be announcing our next retreat soon. To find out more, or be added to the mailing list please contact us.

About Us

We are Maria & Jayne. We lead from our hearts to drive change in areas we are passionate about so we can help our world heal. We are lovers of humans & creatures a like, fierce protectors of honesty & truth, and feed on others thriving. We rebel for what is right, and that fire in our bellies rises more each day.

Our backgrounds are varied with qualifications from degrees to short courses. We strive to continue our learning in subject areas that spark our fire, constantly adding to our skill set but more importantly, allowing us to continue our personal growth whilst adding to experiences. It's from these experiences that we can piece together our 'why'. And it's simple. Our whole lives - education, relationships, loss, abuse, families, careers, specific events, giving birth - have led us to be here. To be with each other. To bring Zensory to you.

Zensory is more than a treatment room with therapists. We aim to provide an all round level of care & support across various platforms so that you can dip into what works best for you alongside your treatment. We listen to what you tell us, we listen to where you feel gaps appear in care (in particular pregnancy and postnatal, our biggest area of focus), & we develop support for you in the best ways we know how.

We are fully committed to providing a service that brings value to our community....
... You can't start a fire without a spark

Love & great vibes,

Maria & Jayne